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    Commercial and Company Law

    We have specific expertise in advising on all aspects of Qatar Companies Law, together with company formations, amalgamations, restructuring, capital increase or reduction, corporate finance issue, corporate governance, merger & acquisition, conduct of directors and shareholders meetings, shareholder agreements and disputes and winding up procedures. Our team conjointly assist in setting up free zone companies in Qatar Financial Centre.

    We advise native and foreign business operations in Qatar regularly on a wide variety of commercial transactions, including joint ventures, distribution and agency agreements, antitrust and competition, insurance and foreign investment in Qatar by foreign companies.

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    Dispute Resolution

    We represent our clients in all types of disputes including yet not limited to Civil, Commercial and criminal. We have substantial expertise in a wide range of commercial disputes, whether fought in the courts or by way of arbitration. Our team have sufficient experience of advising and representing on all kind of arbitration matters.

    We regularly handle multi- party actions involving complex technical and legal issues, including disputes involving a wide variety of commercial and financial contracts, criminal actions, personal injury disputes, applications for judicial review of administrative acts, debt recovery and employment and industrial relations disputes.

    Al Mutawa Law firm represents a wide variety of clients including regional and international corporation, government and high net worth individuals from court of first instance to the highest court of cassation.

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    We advise employers and employees on all aspects of the employer/employee relationship, with a particular emphasis on representing employers in complex employment matters.

    We regularly advise on matters including but not limited to contracts of employment, consultancy agreement, remuneration arrangements, and compliance with statutory requirements, termination of the employment relationship, end of service, protection of goodwill, Non- disclosure agreement (NDA) and immigration matters.

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    We have extensive experience of resolving different kinds of family matters.

    Our team of attorneys commit to provide full legal advice and representing clients in litigation on family matters including marriage, divorce, guardianship, property issues of spouses and much more.

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    Real Estate and construction

    Our firm provides legal advice to all on complex real estate matters including sale, purchase, lease, sub lease, Memorandum of understanding (MOU) and Tenancy Contract. We have a strong record from minor real estate transaction to high value property deals.

    We have an advanced expertise in real estate, construction and infrastructure. Our expert lawyers advice and negotiate on a wide range of matters on construction and infrastructure projects. We have also arbitrated and litigated high value construction matters. Our portfolio of advisory and documentation works includes tender documentation, main contracts, sub contracts, project management.

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    Intellectual Property

    Strong domestic and international protection of intellectual property rights is vital and needs to encourage. In this fast paced world of competition, Intellectual property rights allows the companies to fearlessly manage their intangible assets by the way of protecting it.

    Mona y Al Mutawa law firm offers a broad gauge of intellectual property services to foster your business development. Our service includes the hazzle free filing of intellectual property include trademark, trade secrets, copyright, industrial design, patents regionally and internationally, enforcing intellectual property, Trademark search, assignment, data protection, and Intellectual property litigation.

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    Maritime law is a unique and fundamental branch of law that regulates commerce and navigation on the seas or other navigable waters. Maritime laws includes protection against injuries or accidents in cruise ships or any other vessels during the maritime navigation.

    Our competent team provides an unexceptional legal advice on maritime accidents, maritime insurance, bill of lading dispute, freight forwarding issues, cargo, ship detention, pollution, maritime labour contracts.

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    Tax is a vital element in corporate & commercial sectors. We act on behalf of the individual as well as non- individuals to help with their tax affairs.

    Our well versed lawyers’ offers advice on all kind of tax matters including tax planning, litigation, structured financing and much more on tax planning. Further expertise includes advices avoiding the tax liability and secure regulatory compliances.

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    Sports Law

    Our dedicated team of lawyers are experienced in dealing with the sports industry. We are experienced in providing counsel and representation to clubs, athletes, agents, coaches and stakeholders on complex matters. In depth understanding of fast moving sports industry and our substantial connections strengthen us to deliver a qualitative service.

    Our areas of legal expertise ranging from contract negotiation to dispute resolution before authorities or courts include regulatory and governance, employment contracts, intellectual property, broadcast and digital media, sponsorship arrangements, Immigration, event organization and venues, football contracts, draft of legal sports documents.

  • Wills, Estate& Trust

    We are specialized in take instruction, prepare last will, estate plans. Our lawyers have the experience in dealing with the national and international clients on matters including but not limited to drafting and revising wills, appointing executors, trustees.

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